Denver Pet Pics – Colorado Dog, Cat, and Animal Photography

Denver Pet Photography

Home of Colorado's best animal photographer. All pet types and sizes are welcome from dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and all the way to porcupines.

We shoot cute animals! With high quality cameras ;)


Denver Pet Pics – Colorado Dog, Cat, and Animal Photography

All Pets Welcome

We totally understand how much these little guys are cherished, which is why we specialize in being patient and gentle. Every pet gets pampered to the fullest extent while we help them look their best with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

About Us

Our furry companions are like children, we feed them, play with them, bathe them, teach them good manners, give them treats for just being cute and most importantly we love them. They provide laughs, entertainment, friendship, and unconditional love that you will remember for life. But unlike children our pets live a fraction of the life span we do and we should cherish every moment with them, even if they did chew up your favorite shoes or claw up your couch. Pet cloning may be something of the future, but until then, Denver Pet Pics is the next best thing! Keep your loved ones forever, a picture is worth a thousand words and 1,000 likes on your instagram.

Sure anyone can snag great photos with their mobile phone, But nothing beats that amazing, crisp quality that our photographers can provide. We’ve all had that argument with someone claiming our pets are cuter than theirs, why not show everyone once and for all!

Puppies and kittens will never be as small as they are right now, don’t miss an opportunity to capture them in all of their young essence, you’ll love feeling the nostalgia of their first years. Unfortunately nobody lives forever, so don’t waste another moment with your best friend and let us capture great memories that will last a life time.

We’re dedicated to providing all of our animal and human friends with a amazing experience complete with props, treats, and all the pampering they could desire. The sky is the limit when it comes to curating exciting photoshoot ideas, locations, and post-production magic. Become the proud parent of a superstar today!

-Denver Pet Pics

horses in love

Denver Pet Pics

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